Fitness, the Most Important Investment of Your Life

Fitness, the Most Important Investment of Your Life

On average a person spends about $300 a month for health insurance unless they
get it free through work. Even then it is most likely a PPO and you will have
to pay some kind money including deductable. Most of us are willing to fork out
the money no matter how painful it may be, for health insurance out of
necessity. Yet many of us are no willing to pay $30 a month for a gym
membership which would keep us out of the hospital for the better part of the
year. You see we have our priorities backwards. Concentrating on you physical
well being would significantly cut healthcare costs.

We are not just talking about health here. If you want to look healthy and
vibrant then you need to work out daily and eat right. If you want to receive
nonstop compliments then you need to live a life caring for your precious body.
We are not talking about anything extreme here. Forget all those extreme diets
and impossible boot camp work out plans you cannot maintain with daily
consistency. We are talking about moderation. Do some exercises, eat some good
food, and make you and your body happy. Continue to eat carbs and meats but do
so in moderation. Its easier and healthier this way. You see, if you cannot
make it a lifestyle then you should not be doing it.

You emotions and overall sense of well being is affected by your level of
fitness. Your ability to focus, concentrate, and perform all intellectual tasks
is also effected by your health. Why not make this a priority first? You wish
to succeed in businessFeature Articles, and then exercise a little every day. You want to be
more attractive? A healthy smiling person is the most attractive of all. You
want to feel more inner peace? Hit the gym and eat some healthy foods.

Start out with baby steps. Commit to eating just a piece of fruit every
morning. Do a couple push ups every day and work your way up to more every
week. You will see the progress come and you will be pleased. You see you are
investing slowly and steadily in the stock of life and physical well being.

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